Saturday, October 18, 2008

Can Spider-Girl Be Saved?

Spider-Girl has faced cancellation numerous times in the past, so I can't help but wonder, is it possible she dodge the bullet one more time? With only four months left before the title gets the axe, I think this really could be the kid's final hour, as much as I hate to say it.

However, Spider-Girl has what may be the most passionate group of fans out there. They've flooded Marvel with letters telling them not to cancel Spider-Girl. Over the last 10 years, these fans have been the reason the title has remained in publication.

Some have speculated that Tom DeFalco plans to tie up some loose ends with the last 6 issues of Amazing Spider-Girl, but he's also said there are more stories to tell. I want the book to stick around as much as anyone else. I don't care if it is a niche title, it's still one of the best comics being published.

Will the same old, same old be enough to keep Mayday web-slinging this time? I'm not sure, but it won't hurt to try.


Tommy said...

Even if it does get canceled, maybe, just maybe, it'll be back the same way Family Guy did.

In this case, if the Digests sell well.

I say, it's not over, even when they (Marvel) says it's over.

spideyfan said...

Maybe it'll have what Amazing had in 98:
May have the sense of responsibility when she goes to College and feel the high need of Spider-Girl for the city, but in a more well executed fashion

Reggie White Jr. said...

You've got a point there, Tommy. How many times has Marvel said one thing and then did the other or changed their minds? I've lost count.