Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Complete

The main reason I haven't been doing much blogging here and at my other blog in the last four days is because I've been working. Working, working, working, working and working.

Work is exhausting but I like my new job. Strange as this may sound to some, working makes me feel more complete. I'm actually enjoying Virginia Beach even more now. Being able to afford stuff again will be nice to and I'll be able to help the family with bills.

A while ago, my father asked me if it had truly sunk in that I'm living in VA Beach. In all honesty, I'm still getting used to it, despite having lived here for about four months. I guess it really takes time for some people to adjust to a new location when you've lived in one state your whole life. Though I have to say that I do really like it here. It's peaceful, the weather is (mostly) great and best of all, my family is here and it's great seeing them everyday, something I couldn't do when I lived in Ohio. I miss my friends and I really haven't made any new ones but I suppose the new pals will come in time.

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