Friday, March 4, 2011

Window Shopping Sucks

You're walking about in the mall, comic shop, video game store, or wherever it is you shop. Something catches your eye and you just gotta have it! Only you can't because you either don't have the cash or the money you do have in your pocket has to go towards something else. I HATE window shopping.

In these tough times there are probably more window shoppers now than there have ever been. I don't mind looking to kill time. That's what I call "Optional window shopping." But when I absolutely can't buy a thing and have to look at things I want to have like a prisoner behind bars, that's called "Sucks to be you window shopping!"

Of course what I also hate is my nagging conscience. The stores can't make money unless customers buy things and I tend to feel bad for doing so much window shopping these days. Gah. Now I made myself feel bad just writing about this. Meh.

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