Monday, March 21, 2011

Bullying the Bullies

Last week Richard Gale, some 12 year old punk looking for his 15 minutes of internet fame thought it would be a good idea to bully 16 year old Cassey Heynes. Cassey endured one sucker punch and four jabs before he snapped and went Zangief on the 12 year old upstart. One doesn't have to eat a concrete sandwich to know that it doesn't taste good but I guess some people really are so stupid that they need to have an example made out of them. You can probably tell that I don't have an ounce of sympathy for the little snot.

The interesting thing is, Cassey was bullied for three years. That means that Cassey didn't go all pro wrestler on his attacker out of the blue. There was some build up behind this. Gale just happened to be the one that made Cassey say enough is enough. If the bully read TVTropes, he'd have known that you really shouldn't provoke nice people because when nice people get angry, it tends to be a lot worse than someone who's always mad. There was also that noticeable size difference, but from what the video showed, the bully wasn't very bright.

Bullies continue to be a problem on school grounds. When you have a problem that's as old as dirty, finding a solution is not easy. 

"Just ignore it," is probably the most common advice on escaping a bully's wrath and the most pathetic. Cassey tried ignoring his bully and it clearly did not work.

"Stay with a group of friends," is also frequently given advice but there are bullies that could care less if your pals are with you. Not only that, you can't be with your friends all the time in school. 

"Tell a teacher." Now teachers know that bulling is a constant problem and unless they are present at the time when the punches get thrown, they can't do anything about it until after the fact. All schools have a no tolerance policy on bullying and anyone caught fighting in any manner usually get suspended. I guess this is the best schools can do to combat bullying but in my personal opinion, I don't think schools really know how to deal with it at all.

The worst thing about being bullied is that if you even defend yourself by fighting back, you get put out of school for a few days. Stand there and take it and you get to stay in school but you're still a victim. What we have here is a no win situation because schools really don't know what to do to stop the bully problem. 

Schools are freaking out because this video went viral and are now afraid victims will start slamming bullies on  the ground. They act like this is the first time a bully has had a taste of his own medicine. Bully victim has been snapping for years. This is just one of the times where it was caught on video and became insanely popular. What the schools are missing is the reason it's so popular is because the lousy school system has never really fought back against the problem. Any kid that has been bullied will tell you that being a victim sucks and since the school won't do anything about it, these kids are starting to take matters into their own hands. 

Now I like to avoid violence and as much as I wish bullying didn't exist, we all know that's not the kind of world we live in. So as it stands, kids have two choices. Stand up for yourself and get suspended. Take a beating and stay in school. Life isn't fair, but what else is new?

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