Thursday, September 9, 2010

OMIT Part 4 Reactions

This may very well be the worst part of OMIT, much like part 4 of OMD was the worst of it's four parts. It wreaks of author avatar by having Joe Q be the talking point through MJ, basically telling us that like the Spider-Marriage to move on. Move on? Like Joe Q did? And we're supposed to believe Carlie is the one for Peter? Don't make me laugh. I have nothing against the character. In fact, she's probably the only character in this whole BND era that I don't dislike. But in all her appearances, has she ever really been fleshed out? She seems about as interesting as brick (no pun intended). I dug Pete/MJ because they were opposites and opposites can and do attract. How are readers ever going to buy Peter being in a meaningful relationship that he'll stay in when the current man in charge has made it clear he doesn't want Peter married. Whatever relationship Peter will have in the future is already doomed to failure so why should I even care?

And boy howdy, has MJ been hit with character derailment here. She went from being one of the toughest women in the Marvel U to being an S-class wuss all so Joe Q could break them up. It's OMD all over again. Characters acting in ways they wouldn't in order to tell a sad excuse for a story. She breaks up with Peter because in here own words she "isn't strong enough" to handle him being Spider-Man. Some fat dude trying to kill her made here realize she's always in danger. So let me see here. She's been threatened by Venom, two versions of the Green Goblin, the Chameleon, Tombstone and who knows how many other super villains. In other words, she's been threatened by professionals and she still stood by Peter. But all of a sudden, she gets weak-kneed when some fat dude comes after her? Give me a freakin' break!

Oh and Peter feels "free" after he and MJ are done talking, going so far as to say it feels like a "brand new day." Sorry, Peter but you're still locked in a cage known as bad story-telling and when you'll get the key to come out, God only knows.

Why couldn't Paulo Rivera just draw the whole issue? Bad enough to endure crappy writing but Quesada's depiction's of MJ are just HIDEOUS! You cannot look at this image and tell me that it's right.

So the crapstorm of OMIT has ended. In the words of Andrew Reiner when he review C: The Contra Adventure and mirroring Gerard's review over at Crawl Space, I give this issue, nay this whole story "two thumbs down and two other fingers up."


Tommy said...

Heh, this is just so crappy, I wonder how the guy even gets up in the morning and lives with himself.

I think the person that comes up with a way to retcon this and not have any of these actions from the last few years be canon to these characters will be a genius.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Maybe I should laugh on the image of MJ by Quesada? Which I already am doing. It is so ugly it's funny