Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OMIT Part 3 Reactions

This should have been up last week but I was too lazy to get around to posting. That and I actually find myself tiring of talking about this mess. I said a good while back that I'd lay off of the new era Spidey bashing but now that I find myself returning to it with OMIT, I feel worn out. But, I didn't thing I'd be fair to stop in the middle so the show goes on.

The doctor has a talk with Peter about how aunt May's live was saved. The doc's answer? In his own words "love" is what saved aunt May. Love.




Now let me say that I am a firm believer in miracles but the doctor actually saying that love saved a dying women out loud is so unbelievably bad that it HURTS! Heck, even having it written in a comic book is awful. Really, Quesada, this was the best you could do? Peter's love saved his aunt? This story was already wallowing in it's own suck with parts 1 and 2 but this arguably trumps your past efforts, if they could indeed be called such. It's as if each part of the story is competing to see which part can out-bomb the other. Since part 4 hasn't come out yet, I won't declare a winner but I digress.

It gets even worse. The doc isn't even going to look into the matter any further of how aunt May was saved. That's it case closed. He rushes on out of the scene probably because he wants to get as far away from this crapfest of a story as possible.

A nurse who works for the Kingpin informs him that Peter's aunt has managed to survive. So what does Fisk do? Why, he tries to knock off MJ and her aunt Anna! Obviously tubby doesn't remember the humiliating defeat that was Spidey, beating the absolute snot out of him in a prison full of a dozen convicts. In fact, he looks like he was never battered around at all, which raises even more question, but then I remember that Quesada does not do a little thing the rest of us call logic.

So the fat fool that made Spidey miss his wedding in the first part of OMIT tries to kill MJ and he ends up giving her a concussion, which Dr. Strange is able to heal. And yet he can't heal may's gunshot wound...

Moving on... Peter admits that unmasking during Civil War was huge mistake and he goes to Dr. Strange to ask him to make the world forget he is Spider-Man. Strange actually has to consult with Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man about this. Um, why is this? Someone that is master of the mystic arts should be able to handle some mind wipe spell without any help from those two. Whatever.

I was sick of this story when it started and I'm beyond ready for it to end. The only good thing I can say about part 3 really is Paulo Rivera's art continues to impress. It would have been better if Quesada drew nothing at all because his scenes are just painful to look it.

Bottom line, the story was bad when it started and it continues to be so. Let's just get part 4 over and done with.

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Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

You know what the funniest thing is?
Quephisto (do you think it sounds better than Joephisto?) says this series is supposed to be accessible for children, and he allows showing people drinking liquor, even in the story he is writing

We can all hope that the quality of the series later when Peter gets a job is improvement enough to bring back estranged readers