Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spider-Man: The Movie Game Music

I usually don't post things that pertain to games in this blog but since this has to do with games AND Spidey, I figure it's all good.

The 2002 Spider-Man game, based off the Movie had music that was on par with the film it was based off of. Sure, it may not have been composed by Danny Elfman (he did the scores for the first two Spider-Man movies), but Michael McCuistion is no slouch in the music department. The man did work on music for some of the best cartoons of all time such as Batman Beyond, and Justice League Unlimited.

Despite what the album cover to the left says, there is no official soundtrack for the Spider-Man: The Movie game. One was never released and this is purely fan constructed, although very-well done and made to look as professional as possible. I always did enjoy the music from this game and it still rocks after all these years. So whether you're a fan of McCuistion's work, or you just want to hear some excellent music, this comes highly recommended.



Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

I don't think I will like to hear this after listening to the shorts in the demo, didn't like the music that well.

You heard "Spider-Man 3" games music? These have some of the best soundtracks I ever heard for a video game.

Danny Elfman's best work is on Batman, he made the most difinite Batman theme IMHO, more fitting than the OST of the later two shmucks for movies (I llke Batman & Robin though) or the Reboot OST

Danny's work is still attached on Spider-Man 3, I believe he did the entire music work for that movie

If you played this game based on the first movie; can you state your opinion(s) about it please?

Tommy said...

I liked the music they used when Pete is in the warehouse level early in the game. It's been a few years since I've played this game.

Since mine was the XBox version, it had the Kraven the Hunter levels, with one of them having a point where you see the crosshairs of his gun and have to dodge his shots, in addition to several other traps.

I also was a nut and jumped off buildings to my death in the city rooftop levels.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Aziz, I did indeed hear Spider-Man 3's game music. It's been a while since I've heard it, but I do remember it being quite good.

As far as the music for Spider-Man 3 the movie goes, a few of Danny Elfman's themes were used but the bulk of the soundtrack was composed by Christoper Young.

Anonymous said...

In reality, Sam Raimi's original SPIDERMAN (2002) film is the best that he did. SPIDERMAN 2 just plain sucked! It did...It really did! SPIDERMAN 3 was not as bad as people say and had a much more "entertainment" factor going for it than 2 ever did. But this first SPIDERMAN, flaws and all, is the best of the lot b/c Raimi kept it, in a word...simple! It flowed much more easily and didn't have stalls in action or plot like both of its sequels did. In Spider-man, the action actually comes from the plot rather than defines it.

JCAGS said...

Could you please reupload it, thanks.