Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't Be Fooled

The image at right is an ad Marvel is running for Amazing Spider-Man #600. Notice Spidey's mask is covering a marriage invite. And it seems to be covering some names. All we can see is "Parker" and "son." This is either a pitiful attempt to get the many fans that Marvel irked by undoing the Spider-Marriage back into ASM again, another reality slap to fans of said marriage, or both. Either way, I'm not surprised.

For anyone actually thinking Peter and Mary Jane are getting married in ASM #600, I'm sorry to say, it ain't happening. The Spidey mask is covering the names May Parker and whatever Jameson's father's name is. Yeah, these two bags of bones are getting married. Well, they may be getting married. The way the stories have been so horribily telegraphed, Jameson's father is a dead man walking. He'll probably be offed so aunt May can beleive Spider-Man to be a "horrible" person (or even moreso since they've already brought back that overplayed aspect of her character with the reboot), make Jonah hate Spidey even more, and add yet another layer of guilt to Peter because he never has too many things to beat himself up over. See, Jameson Sr. will more than likely be killed in a battle that somehow involves Spider-Man.

Ugh. Guys, try harder next time, huh? And please stop with the lame fake-outs.


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

"J. Jonah Jameson sr." got introduced by "Mark Waid" &"Marcos Martin" in "Unscheduled Stop" apologizing for the publishings of "Jonah Jameson jr." publishings against Spider-Man.

"May Parker" is getting married to Man-Wolf's grandfather, once more the genration before the DB publisher & after him don't call spidey a menace like the former publisher of the good old Bugle

Reggie White Jr. said...

I think Jameson's father's name is Jay.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

He has exactly the same name as his son, I read him introduce himself to spidey. I heard she was going to marry "J. Jonah Jameson" & I thought Jonah really divorced Marla until I saw an image of Jonah sr. sleeping with her

I wonder how Jonah jr will feel for having a stepmother

Tommy said...

It's a bit annoying when an 'nth' issue of Spidey is meant to be a jab at the fanbase.

The solicits have already shown what's coming after Amazing Spidey #600, so yeah, just the fewls messing around.

There's also the 'Wine More Day' wine bottle in another issue as of late.